Delivery Fee ($20 minimum for home delivery)Free
Wash and Fold
Laundry pickup and delivery (2 day delivery)$1.39 / pound
Next day delivery rush fee (only available for laundry)$4.95
Comforter, Twin or Full$11.95
Comforter, Queen or King$17.95
Mattress Pad$14.95
Rug, Small$7.95
Rug, Large$14.95
 Dry Cleaning
 Laundered and Pressed, Shirt$2.55
 Dry cleaned and Hand Pressed, Shirt or Blouse$5.95
 Tie, Scarf, or Shorts$4.45
 Polo Shirt, Pants, Skirt, or Vest$5.95
 Sweater or Sport Jacket$6.95
 Suit, 2 Piece$11.45
 Light Coat$11.45
 Heavy Coat$17.45
 Tablecloth, Small$14.95
Tablecloth, Large$24.95
Comforter or Down Sleeping Bag$39.95