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Hello and Welcome to Washing DC!

My name is Mike and it is my pleasure to be bringing laundry pickup and delivery services to the greater Washington DC area. If there’s any place in America that could benefit from laundry pickup and delivery, it’s DC. Busy politicians and professionals who don’t have time to pick up their dry cleaning, working parents playing taxi for their school-aged children, getting them from a soccer tournament to SAT prep all in the same Saturday, history buffs who would rather be driving to visit the grounds of Antietam than treating their toddlers’ polo for spaghetti stains – the list goes on. DC is always busy, there’s always something important happening. It’s cliche, but history is made here every day. Who writes history? Well, people do. And history-making people don’t have time for their own laundry.

At Washing DC, our team handles your belongings very carefully, from the moment we start your order, to the final steps of packaging your sheets and clothes for delivery. Our customer service is phenomenal, and we accomplish this by making extra efforts to reach out to our customers and make sure that your needs are being met past expectation. We’re a convenient solution to the busy lifestyle you lead. You already have to deal with bad traffic, whether you’re on the Beltway or 66, so why should you have to spend up to 10 more hours on your laundry?

I’ve been in the laundry business for awhile, so I do everything I can to ensure that customers can customize our services to what works best for them. When you sign up for the services, you’ll be able to select your detergents, specify your water temps, and even indicate how you’d like your socks folded. Laundry is rather personal, so we find it to be crucial that you’re able to make as many choices as possible. Please let us know of any special requests or accommodations you might need.

Again, we are excited to be working with you and know that by signing up with us, you’ll gain a few extra hours of your week back so that you can pass that bill, visit Abe, or judge the spelling bee, all just a little bit more stress-free.

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